Of course you should. We all should. It is all of our responsibility to care about our families, our community and our planet.

A lot of existing material is now being replaced with vinyl because we can count on it. Vinyl is easier to clean, it doesn’t collect bacteria and it’s durable. Its durability and recyclable features mean we don’t have to replace it as often, which means as a society we save more money in the long run.

Did you know that because of its fire resistance, the coating on our homes electrical wires is made of vinyl? Or that the best way to deliver affordable and safe drinking water is through a vinyl pipe?  The same reason you want vinyl bringing water to your home is the same reason it is trusted in hospitals everywhere. IV bags, medical gloves, masks, tubing- you name it. Most of it is made of vinyl because it is easy to clean, doesn’t collect bacteria it doesn’t leach into its environment.

Vinyl is a lifestyle material that we can all depend on, inside and outside of our homes. Whether it’s bathing our children, watering our flowers, drinking tea or dancing barefoot in the kitchen- Vinyl is for us every day, everywhere.